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March 31st- April 1st, 2023
@ Avion Center
Finding Your Wings

Go All In Fest is an event designed by Nim Stant with the intention and goal of bringing together exceptional people from around the world to connect, grow, and learn from each other. These events gather an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries driven by new ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, creatives, and more. 

Go All In Media, LLC is an American media organization that distributes educational content under the slogan "Ideas Inspire Change." Our overall mission is to discover new ideas that impact the world in positive and uplifting ways. At Go All In Fest, you will be just as inspired by the person sitting next to you as the person speaking on stage. The best part is – you’re not just attending one event, you’re joining a community of purpose-driven people and entrepreneurs who are willing to support each other in their journey to make an impact on the world. Once you attend, you'll never feel alone again.


Hi, I’m Nim Stant – Founder of Go All In Fest…


When I had the idea of Go All In Fest in 2021, I wasn’t thinking of a change-the-world type of event.

I was lonely, busy, and tired. I was working too hard on the daily tasks, and I was struggling to find time to connect and make a deeper human connection with others.

Go All In Fest, in my mind, was a way to fulfill my needs.

But then the idea quickly expanded and became something so much greater.

When you gather the most passionate people and give them a space and a stage to uplift themselves and each other, Positive Change Happens.

Go All In Fest this year has evolved into an event that brings together the most inspiring people internationally – celebrated leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who are examples of humanity’s limitless potential.

Go All In Fest is a 2 Day Event and is limited to 200 spots per day.

If you’d like to take your life to a whole new level, with the support of a global community of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet: then join us.

 Nim Stant,

Go All In Fest Founder

About Nim Stant


Nim Stant is the founder of Go All In Media and producer and host of the Go All In Show aired on abc15. She is a success mentor, bestselling author, speaker, and yoga professional hailing from the third-world country of Thailand. She inspires hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to reinvent their businesses.

Coming from a broken middle-class family has taught Nim to become a purpose-driven entrepreneur who always seeks to live life to the fullest potential. With 20 years of experience, she now dedicates her life to inspiring others to unleash their limiting beliefs, commit to their dreams and goals, and take real action.

In her Bestselling book, Go All In, Nim reveals the principles of Go All In to empower others to practice and step up towards lifelong results. She has been featured on over 480 media platforms such as Forbes, CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, 3TV, International Business Times, Authority Magazine, Wall Street Select, NY Headline, LA Daily News, Success Profile Magazine, The Health Journal, and Fitness Republic. She was also invited to speak on a TEDx stage to educate thousands of people across the globe.

Ideas Inspire Change

Go All In Fest 2022


Help us reach our "Impact Goals"

Your contribution from joining Go All In Fest will support our annual event and  not-for-profit organization for


Promise From Above


Promise From Above empowers children around the world through education and welfare.

We believe every child has a dream and deserves to live a  better life by lifting them out of poverty and providing education for children.

Your donation will help with Hygiene Kit for teachers, Toothpaste for all students in a school, Hand washing stations for the school, books and supplies, lunch, and a playground.

Help us continue…

Turning tears into smiles

Our Founding Story

It began with a story from when I was a kid in a small village in Thailand. My mom was an elementary school teacher, and once a year, a wealthy family came to school and donated school backpacks, supplies, school uniforms, and food to the children at the school. I remember waiting for that wealthy family to arrive. It was a warm day, but I wouldn't mind long hours of waiting because I was so excited to get a new backpack and gifts. However, I didn't realize that this event happened in my life to prepare me for the ripple effect of helping other children worldwide get access to a quality of life and education beyond the classroom.

Promise From Above is an ongoing commitment to bring smiles to every child and family we help. We are dreamers, risk-takers, and boundary pushers. We believe that every child deserves a better quality of daily living, education beyond school, and access to a safe and healthy environment.


Platinum Sponsor and Keynote Speaker

Mary Huang


Mary Huang, Founder of Elevate Financial Team, Owner, Producer and Host of World Changing Women TV Network, Female Empowerment Expert, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Mentor, Founder of Wings to Fly Foundation and a Wealth Architect inspires women across the globe to reclaim their power through a holistic approach to economic empowerment. Born into perpetuated abuse, it took decades for Mary to break the chains of mental, emotional and financial oppression. Choosing to leave behind a million dollar life to start over as a single mother on food stamps, Mary lives to teach the wisdom gained from both sides of the track. Her mission to help women rise up through emotional and financial intelligence is aligned with the U.N’s list of solutions to end violence against women and girls.

Passionate about passing on a better world to future generations she’s written award winning books, seen and heard in award winning podcasts, magazines, a documentary and Mentor Tank TV, selected as a Top 30 winner of 30,000 contestants at the Great American Speak Off, she has also shared stages with Deepak Chopra and Les Brown.

Gold Sponsor and Speaker

Neila Ramsingh


Neila is a life coach who specializes in helping young adults who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Neila's approach involves working with individuals to identify and address the underlying causes of their suicidal thoughts, while also prioritizing their safety and well-being. This may involve developing a safety plan, connecting them with appropriate resources, or teaching them coping skills and resilience.

Special Performance from

Daniel Rei and Jenny Cohen

Daniel Rei Cohen - Professional dancer from University of Utah School of Dance
Jenny Cohen -  creator of Dance to Heal Wellness.










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Go All In Fest also supports and celebrates the hard work of authors

around the world through the

International Impact Book Awards

We celebrate our award-winning authors with a special award-giving ceremony. All attending Authors (VIP or Regular) will receive a commemorative trophy at the event.

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Jonathan Reece


Jonathan is a national real estate entrepreneur, financier, investor and strategist. With
over 25 years of expertise in both the commercial and residential real estate markets,
he provides mortgage solutions to home owners, real estate investors and business
owners for acquisition or repositioning of all of their real estate assets. International
best selling author and currently in the process of acquiring his certified tax advisor
status to assist his clients with wealth building tax strategies for their families,
businesses, real estate holdings.

Melissa Bailey


Melissa is an Arizona native who has been helping families find homes and  communities for over 5 years. Her degree from Arizona State University was hard earned and finally completed when she was 42. After working in several fields real estate and finances has been a natural fit for  her, combining all of her business, negotiating and life skills as well as her mission to bring financial education and wealth building tools to her community.

Randy Wolf


Randy Wolf is a mentor to many who have become greatly successful. He specializes in relationships and business coaching.
With over twenty years as an educator and thirty plus years as a public speaker, Randy brings wisdom and loves to see others thrive in their passions.
He has traveled internationally extensively to speak and brings an uplifting message of hope.
He is an up and coming author with a few books about to be published.

Kristina Hudson


Kristina went from being an occupational therapist specializing in brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder in the military to helping women discover their resilience and confidence after trauma.  Through coaching, mentoring, and speaking she guides women through the process of self-discovery so that they can confidently write the next chapter of their lives.  She believes that we aren’t here to merely survive, but we are all meant to thrive. 

Amber Ybarra


Amber is a former model with Elite Model Management, World Traveler, Business Owner, and High-Performance Coach. She is also the beautiful and charismatic founder of The Positive Platform. The Positive Platform by Amber serves in creating a space for women to learn tangible ways to improve their personal and/or business life, as well as build a community of like-minded women who support one another.

Traci Jeske


Traci Jeske is the director of En Vogue Stylist, and an internationally certified Personal Stylist, she helps women 40 and beyond up level their glamour game to unapologetically create and live the best and most stylish second act ever. She's no stranger to wrapping up for winter, Traci was born and bred in Canada before establishing her stylish, stiletto-sharp brand in Italy, where she has lived for the last 20 years.

Lisa Charles


Lisa Charles is the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator for the Rutgers University Aging & Brain Health Alliance. As a fitness expert, she understands the importance of brain/body harmony.

Ms. Charles is also the author of Yes! Commit. Do. Live. and creator of the program by the same name. Both teach you and your participants how to live an Age-Defying Life while attaining brain/body connectivity.

Theresa Luong


Theresa is a compassionate and driven individual who is dedicated to helping women find their purpose and meaning in life. As a trained DeMartini Method facilitator, Theresa uses a proven approach to guide individuals in discovering their unique "why" and aligning with their purpose in order to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Whether you are seeking direction in your personal or professional life, Theresa is here to support you in finding your way forward.

Cari Kenzie


As the founder of the Truth Seekers Journey™, Cari is a Quantum Healer and Life Mastery Coach that helps people navigate beyond drama, trauma and self-sabotage in order to claim their truth and step into full alignment with their power. Cari is also a renowned speaker and podcast host where she inspires her audience to claim radical control of their lives and live it to the fullest. She is also the founder and president of Ripples of Change Foundation, a non-profit that builds awareness about trauma and helps individuals find the community and support systems that they need.

Ashley Marie


Ashley Marie (she/her) is the CEO of Ashley Marie Coaching, a career development and personal growth company, and the hype woman everyone wants in their corner. She is a professional certified career coach, and trauma-informed mindset practitioner specializing in helping high-achieving women uncover what is holding them back from designing a career and life they don't want to run away from. Additionally, as an HR consultant, Ashley helps organizations create and align professional development programs as well as best practices to create an inclusive culture.

Dr. Wanda Parks


Wanda believes in making the life one lives, the life one loves. Her passion is to help others transform their lives in six areas: mental, physical, social, spiritual, financial, and environmental. She aims to bring balance to the spirit, mind, and body.

As a registered nurse and member of several holistic organizations, Wanda understands that wellness is not just about one aspect, but rather a combination of all six areas. She believes that these six areas are crucial for overall health, wellness, and wealth. 

Valerie White Williams


A nationally recognized singer and vocal coach, Valerie has worked with both men and women ages 5 to 75, and has taught thousands of singers of all styles and levels including Grammy award winners, touring rock bands and professional opera singers. Now an eclectic artist, Valerie has performed major opera roles (Queen of the Night), sung with a nationally recognized vocal jazz quartet, performed as a rock/pop keyboardist and vocalist, and has recorded in the studio. Her latest creative project is her YouTube channel, Vocal Splendor Studios, which has over 85k subscribers and over 20 million views from devoted fans.

Josh Valjan


Josh Valjan is an artist, musician, and aspiring actor. He battled with alcohol abuse for several years until he went to a rehab facility, which was the start of his journey to recovery. He has also worked with therapists throughout the years to help him in his recovery. He is passionate about the fine arts, he finds drawing, painting, and music therapeutic. Art is a form of therapy, and he has used it to express himself. 

Angela Genzale


Angela received a BSN from the University of Washington and completed a Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance. However, Angela believes that her most valuable education came from unconventional sources. She learned to connect with people from diverse backgrounds while working at the Pike Place Market, and gained a passion for self-development through reading books, attending seminars, taking online courses, watching videos, and listening to tapes and podcasts.

Dr. J.J Kelly


Dr. J.J. Kelly, The Punk Rock Doc, is a licensed clinical psychologist, emotional intelligence skills training expert, and bestselling author of The Holy Shit Series. J.J. is also the CEO & amp; Founder of UnorthoDocs, Inc., a punk alternative to traditional psychotherapy. Dr. Kelly and the unortho “docs” live their lives with the belief that global healing is achieved by teaching people the skills
to like themselves.

Leslie Ellis


Leslie Ellis, CCMPTM, Founder and CEO of Meaningful Change Consulting, helps visionary leaders navigate the complexities of transformational change using cutting-edge approaches that achieve sustainable results while minimizing the cost of unnecessary rework.


Dr. Petra Frese


Dr. Petra Frese, a scientist turned spiritual healer, is an expert in brain health science and peak mental performance.
After her multiple near-death experiences, which dramatically widened her horizon and views on life, she integrated her spiritual insights into her science-based coaching practice.

Justin Senense


Born and raised in Abilene, Texas. Justin is a Filipino-American actor, singer, and personal trainer based in NYC. After graduating from James Madison University in VA, he began his theatre and acting career on the National Tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as Benjamin. Some of his favorite credits include Angel in Rent at Westchester Broadway Playhouse, and Thuy u/s in Miss Saigon at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse.

Jenny Cohen


Born in Taiwan, and raised in the US, AJ is a multifaceted and award-winning artist known for her autobiographical fusion performances about universal themes and life challenges. She offers lessons in yoga, acting for dancers, Aaliyah Jenny Transcultural Fusion, Rachel Brice's Datura Style, and Oreet's Sharqui Workout (Master Instructor). Jenny also launched Dance to Heal Wellness in 2021.

Anthony Tomizza


Anthony Tomizza is master practitioner coach of ENLP, an Image Consultant, and speaker. Anthony helps people remove their masks to embrace who they fully are through trauma-conscious, transformational coaching and styling. He’s passionate about this work because when he owned who he was, he became more confident and bolder, and authentically himself. With a background in community engagement and fundraising, Anthony loves to connect with and inspire groups of people.


Avion Center

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Go All In Fest will be on March 31-April 1. This is an all-day event. Get ready to feel amazing!

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